From the time she was born, Danielle was destined to make the world a more beautiful place, one paint color at a time. Her father, a ship captain and craftsman, her grandfather a professor at the Southampton College of Art in England; Danielle was practically born with a paintbrush in one hand and a hammer in the other. Recognizing and embracing her passion and inherent talent in the artistic world, Danielle explored the wonderful world of decorative and faux painting while she earned an Associates of Science from Endicott College. She furthered her education at the University of Miami where she was awarded a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

When Danielle moved to California in 1995, she further honed her impressive artistic and decorative skills when she purchased a "quaint" fixer-upper in the Bay area and turned it into a beautiful, charming mountain home. After the successful renovation of her home, Danielle had the confidence to pursue a faux finishing business called Faux Real and completed the requirements to become a licensed painter contractor and decorator. With such an innate artistic gift, her business quickly took off. From walls to ceilings, floors to furniture, Danielle created beautiful finishes in multi-million dollar homes throughout the country. Soon, her client list included exclusive Bay Area hotels, famous dignitaries, and the inevitable rock star.

Utilizing her strengths in painting and carpentry, Danielle has inspired homeowners all over the country to beautify their homes through simple carpentry and painting techniques. Whether it's French Renaissance or Urban Chic, Danielle's ability to easily and succinctly explain various finishing techniques and design methods, has helped people throughout the country make the dramatic changes to their homes they've always dreamed.  Design Remix had a successful run of 91 episodes.  Although the show had reached an end, Danielle had not.   As soon as Design Remix ended in 2006, she was picked up immediately for the networks newest show Color Splash, featuring David Bromstad, the first winner of HGTV’s Design Star.  Instantly their show became another top 10 hit for the network.  In the last 5 years, Danielle has been featured in video on demand, national consumer and trade publications, radio and television broadcasts.

In 2010 Danielle launched a new painting business, Danielle Hirsch Painting Co., expanding it to all avenues of painting, including interior, exterior, color consultation, and decorative finishes for both residential and commercial spaces.

Danielle lives in Mill Valley with her husband Dan, their two daughters, Madison and Kiele, and Hana, their Rottweiler.

Danielle has inspired homeowners all over the country to beautify their homes...

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